Monday, 30 April 2012

handmade goodness

Recently I've been coming across (by various means) a lot of very talented people and the cute, clever and crafty things they make. Both the Christmas and Spring Crafty Fox Markets were awesome but more recently I went to the open launch of Selina Lake's new book, Home Spun Style. In keeping with the theme of the book (handmade goodness) there was a mini indoor market set up near Brick Lane featuring a number of little stalls. Below were some of my favourites.

She reupholsters stools and chairs, as well as selling these amazing vintage crochet blankets and super pretty bunting.

They sell pretty lamp shade frames in a variety of sizes and shapes giving you a chance to pick out a vintage fabric to cover it. They also sell the most beautiful paper. (I bought some and I am determined to try my hand a decoupage!)

Abigail and Ryan are an awesome duo who together make very pretty homewares indeed. Illustrator Abigail and graphic designer Ryan make their own fabric to create peg bags, teatowels, cushions and more!

Emma had a number of crocheted garlands at the market but these ones from her etsy shop are my favourites.

She had some very cute cushions and sunflower lavender bags on sale at the market but I can't find them on her website so I'm a bit gutted, should've got it then and there! But these lovely things are available online - cushionscards and this set of dolly birds.

Now this awesome lady was not at the book launch, more's the pity (I think she's actually based in Australia) but she's on here all the same because she makes very cool dresses from beautiful vintage fabrics (so it's kinda in the same vain as the other good stuff in this post). This is her Annie Dress - I love it muchly.

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