Thursday, 7 June 2012

You remind me of the babe...

Aside from all the jubilee related fun over the weekend, my sister and I had the added bonus of attending a ball, but not just any ball...

Yes, that's right - a Labyrinth themed evening at the Prince Charles Cinema, complete with a prelude of David Bowie music vids, a costume competition, a David Bowie impersonator, goodie bag complete with lollipop, poppers and bubbles AND of course the film in all it's 35mm glory. We were also encouraged to quote and sing along with the film (as well as loudly respond to the different characters appearing on screen - including the excellent Bowie in his rather revealing pair of leggings)!

Prior to the ball, we spent the afternoon making our masks which was fun and quite a challenge what with pesky sequins not sticking but the finished things looked pretty good I thought!

The best part for me was when everyone blew bubbles during the actual masquerade ball in the dream sequence. Not to sound twee but it was pretty magical. I am a total sucker for bubbles though :)


  1. A labyrinth masquerade ball! Cool!!! Looks like you had loads of fun! :-) x

  2. That's amazing!! I do love that film!


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