Friday, 31 May 2013

the highs and lows of may

It's been a funny old month - weather-wise, mood-wise, goal-wise. Just as we've had some lovely sunny days, many of my weekends have been fabulous - full of food, booze and socialising. But we've also experienced some biblical rain showers, seriously gloomy grey days and my mood very much reflected this - blog writing  has been slack, I've been eating pretty poorly, work has been getting me down and I've been feeling rather uninspired in general. You won't be surprised to know that I've not really made much effort with my 4 things challenge this month but stick with me, there are a couple of positives!

De-clutter: At the beginning of the month I finally went through my humungous paper pile - bank statements, threatening letters from Revenue&Customs, pay slips, gas bills, you name it, it was there. And now it's all sorted and I feel smug. I actually have a designated area for different types of post now. Ok, so, talking about organising my post isn't v.exciting but that's all I have to brag about this month in terms of de-cluttering - those things I was supposed to list on ebay? Still waiting to be listed :/
Health: I have a large confession - I didn't go to zumba or yoga this month. Not once. V.bad indeed. My excuse is fair but irritating - my knees were pretty achey, to the point where I didn't want to risk knackering them like I did in NYC. So I took a break. On the plus side my knees feel good but the rest of me feels very aware of the lack of exercise that's taken place over the last 4 weeks. However, I'm feeling positive for June, I may even take up jogging again...
Money: saving continues.
Do More New: This month I sent off my application to enter my first quilt into a competition! It's for one of the categories judged at The Festival of Quilts in August. Money prizes are awarded for the top three places - which would be amazing to win obviously -  but I think I'd be pretty chuffed just to see it on display!

A bit of a mix bag for May BUT I enjoyed many days/evenings out with family, friends and Mitch plus we also surged forward with wedding planning so I can't complain really. There's lots of fun stuff going down in June including BBQs, an exhibition to see and Mitch's birthday. Aaaaaand, four weeks from today I shall be by, or possibly in, the pool in Perugia!

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  1. I totally know what you mean about May, so hard to get into a groove when the temperature keeps changing. Your mood sort of changes with it. I'm definitely showing my age when I say that talking about organising anything sounds pretty good to me right now! Happy a Happy June :) x


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