Thursday, 5 July 2012

half way point

I think it's fair to say that I've been a little slack on here lately buuuuuut that's because I've been a very busy lady. Work has been manic (we're about to launch something new which is very exciting, more on that at a later date) AND I'm working towards a new venture of my very own (more on that at a later date too)!

July has arrived (in calendar month rather than summer spirit) which means we're half way through 2012 and therefore it's been six months since I made my New Year's To Do List. I thought this half way mark might be a good time to review my hopeful little list.

1. Save - it may only be a little bit every month but this is probably the most successful resolution - the promise of New York in December is definitely the driving force.

2. Start a regular exercise regime - I'm not going to lie, this lasted about six weeks. After 3 months of zilch activity, a burst of enthusiasm for exercise ignited again around the end of May but that soon fizzled out. However, July has brought a new vigour for getting fit and loosing weight. Mitch has given me some ideas to boost my motivation so I've haven't quite given up on this one just yet.

3. Make one craft project every month - this was actually going well up until April but in May it all fell apart when I started a project which totally failed. Still trying to figure out what to do with it...however, rather than let this failed project ruin a third of my New Year To Do List, June saw a revival of crafting activity, none of it's finished as yet but at least I'm being creative again. Here's a little sneaky peak at my half finished/on-going endeavours.

patchwork project

fabric scraps idea


my first ever knitting project - it'll be a scarf when it's done (a very fat scarf, we all learn from our mistakes)

I made a simple shift dress which doesn't look like much at present but I want to experiment with some fabric paints stencils and/or printing

So I've got six months to turn it around and meet those resolutions - watch this space, I'm feeling optimistic :)


  1. i'm excited to hear what your new venture is! i cannot believe we're six months in to 2012. good lord.

    i've been meaning to tell you since last week (or a little longer), but your fabric scraps are on the way!

    1. I know, it's gone so quickly! thank you for the fabric, looking forward to it's arrival!

  2. you're so crafty! the patchwork looks like it'll be rad. and yessss new york, you'll have so much fun - wish i could go all over again! xxx

    1. aw thanks! I cannot wait for NYC - I'm caught between freaking out that it's july already and seriously wishing december would hurry up! Might have to ask you for some new york tips and suggestions :)


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