Tuesday, 29 March 2011

And Concentrate

This weekend was pretty jam packed. Continuing on from Friday's shoot (see previous post), I returned to the kitchen again for Saturday's filming. Thankfully I was assistant chef to my mum who cooked for all the actors, crew, photographer and the two make-up artists.

Saturday night saw my friends' band - Silvers - play at Mass in Brixton. A curious little venue somewhere inside a church (no windows and a dimly lit spiral staircase meant that I completely lost my bearings). It was a v.good set, out-shinning the other performers that night during which we talked about people's concentration faces. Everybody has them but the focused faces of musicians are up there on stage for everyone to see - from a good old gurn to a frankly embarrassing tongue poking out (I unfortunately fall into the latter group).

The clocks went forward - cue huuuge confusion - plus a train leaking brake fluid meant it was a later night than intended but fun all the same. Discovered that white blossom is just as beautiful (and luminous) in the moonlight.

Sunday was blissfully chilled. We went to watch Submarine which is a brilliant film - very funny (but poignant too); beautifully shot; most of all it made me want to go to the beach and set fire to things (in a good way). I highly recommend.

The real shock of the weekend was this. Not only was the beard gone but the hair had jumped ship also! Beard today - gone tomorrow indeed! "It's alright" he says, "it'll grow back." I'll keep you posted.

Lastly, just a little note about the census. Attempted to fill it in last night. The job questions saddened me the most. Only twenty odd little boxes to explain what I do?! I struggle to explain it with as many words as I like. Wonder if the computer that checks it recognises 'data monkey' as a legitimate job title and whether my descendants will think I was totally lame if they read it...

Friday, 25 March 2011

Cake, Tee & Wheat-Free Fun

Instead of spending another Friday in the office, today I took a holiday to cater for the cast and crew of my sister's short film. The scenes being filmed today were in my parents’ house and so I arrived at midday with ingredients for a pasta bake and cakes (baked and iced the night before). Lunch had to be ready by one'o'clock as my sister had a tight schedule to keep. I figured that an hour was more than enough time to cook a simple veggie bake…

Things I learned from catering today:
1. Cooking for 11 v.hungry people is pressuring (even more so when they are standing around you in the kitchen)
2. Wheat free pasta cooks way quicker than regular pasta.
3. Grating cheese takes longer than you’d think
4. Cooking for more people than I’m used to, within a set time-frame and taking into account people’s dietary requirements was a recipe from Master Chef – my head was filled with pumping dance tunes and JohnTorode’s voice ‘Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this!' (It does of course, but in my mind I was battling it out in the master chef kitchen!)
The food was ready on time and eaten up. The cup-cakes were also a success even my wheat-free chocolate ones (even though they didn't look as pretty)!

Lastly, a little shout out to Tee and Cake who have managed to combine two very special things in my life: t-shirts and cake. They’ve actually managed to add something to the mix (a subject that is also dear to me), creating an awesome trinity if you will…Yes. It’s a dinosaur t-shirt and yes, I totally bought it. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


My first post! The sunglasses are on, the green parakeets have returned to the trees of Surbiton, I can smell freshly cut grass (hello hay-fever) and there are people in shorts playing cricket in the road – it can only mean one thing…British Springtime (let’s hope so anyway, the temperature has climbed into double digits at least). It’s a little too early for flip-flops, but there’s a definite promise of picnics to come and the blossom tree outside my flat looks beautiful in the sunshine. I’m completely ready for the Summer.

And here’s the first beard update, it’s fairly modest at present.
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