Monday, 30 May 2011

Definitely Scrambled

Eggs. I, like a lot of people, can be quite particular about my eggs. Pickier than most I will only eat them scrambled or when disguised in an omelette. In polar opposite to my great dislike of fried, boiled and poached, I love scrambled eggs perhaps because I've come to associate them with the weekend where I can happily prepare a leisurely breakfast/brunch (much more exciting than a rushed bowl of cereal - if I'm lucky - during the week). And of course, this being a bank holiday weekend meant that, you've guessed it, an extra day of eggs. A very distinct pattern emerged during this long weekend:
  • Friday - go out & drink. We went to Ginglik, a converted public toilet beneath Shepherds Bush Green, and danced to a live six piece reggae band before jumping and jiving (twisting and sliding) to an awesome mix of 50's rhythm'n'blues to 60's soul until 3am.  One of the best nights out I'd had in ages.
  • Saturday - hang-over. needless to say I was a complete wreck and did nothing except bake some cakes to illustrate my feelings. I did manage some scrambled eggs on a breakfast muffin though.
  • Sunday - Inspired. Finally over the hang-over I enjoyed scrambled eggs and hash browns for brunch. A trip to Hampton Court Gardens and an unexpected present from my granddad left me feeling a little inspirited. Isn't it beautiful? He said he used to write all his reports on it, dating back to the late 1960s.
  • Sunday night - go out & drink. A friend's birthday with a lot of 'long time no sees' in attendance.
  • Monday - hang-over. Having only had a few drinks I was rather disappointed to find myself feeling crap, again (I only have my-tipsey-self to blame). Nothing that some scrambled eggs, bacon and tomato couldn't sort out. Rest of the day spent watching films (Donat's 39 Steps, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Labyrinth) between intermittent snoozing. 
  • Tomorrow - Inspired. I know it hasn't happened yet but I reckon that after my trip to Hatfield, where my sister and fellow film students are presenting their final accomplishments, a new creative vigor will be ignited. I have also been told that an English breakfast is on offer. Gotta love that protein. 

Thursday, 26 May 2011

my last 40 quid

That felt like the longest wait for pay day ever, I even had to use my emergency £40 (stashed away two years ago incase I ever had a particularly poor month - hello May 2011). So this is how that money was spent over the last four days with (v.gratefully) a lot of help from Mitch.

Saturday was Surbiton's Farmers Market. I'm fairly new to the occasion but it happens every third Saturday of the month and there are lots of very tasty things to be had whilst chatting to the lovely people who run the stalls (particularly the lady at the olive stand).
On Sunday I took a trip to Essex. After a bit of rummaging at a car-boot-sale where couple of bargains were unearthed (A Jamie Oliver cookbook for 50p!), we went for lunch at a very cute little village pub. The steak and mushroom pie was delicious.
Monday: To Brixton to see Attack the Block at the Ritzy (probably my favourite cinema experience along with the Curzon in Soho). Prior to the film we went for some Japanese cuisine at a restaurant which is fast becoming a regular haunt. A giant bowl of pad thai and a very tasty beer later we settled down to watch Joe Cornish's latest creation. Verdict: It's brilliant. The script is funny and well delivered by a convincing set of characters (you'll want to talk like the young cast upon leaving the cinema - I didn't believe my friend when he said that but it's true - brrrap). It's jumpy and, in some places, pretty grim. Cornish is not afraid to kill people off and show you how! Highly recommend.
In truth my emergency 40 quid ran out fairly quickly over the three days and most of the things wouldn't have been possible without Mitch (don't worry I'll take him for dinner and a film, hopefully X-Men First Class)... And lastly, as it's been quite some time, here's a beard update.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Competitive Beards

Last Sunday saw the 10th World Beard and Moustache Championships. A glorious event celebrating beards, moustaches and the amount of skill and caft needed to create and maintain some truely amazing facial hair!

It's a biennial competition (giving those taking part enough time to grow something special...) in which men from all over the world compete for several titles within various catergories including: Imperial (Moustache), Sideburns Freestyle (Partial Beard), Musketeer (Partial Beard) and Garibaldi (Full Beard). And it isn't just about the beards, competitors go the whole way with elaborate costumes and outfits to match their spectacular grooming efforts (from full musketeer get-up to old school cricket gear and very fancy suits/embelished waistcoats).

The 2011 event was hosted by Trondheim, Norway but this is a travelling show that's taken place in various locations in previous years - Ystad (Sweden), Berlin, Carson City (Nevada) and Brighton.

Above is this year's Best in Show (and also Freestyle Full Beard Winner) - Elmar Weisser from Germany. Yes, that is a reindeer made from his own beard. Previous champ David Traver from Alaska won by fashioning his beard to resemble an Alaskan snowshoe.

Want to see more beards, or think your beard is worthy of such a competition? There is a smorgasbord of beardy delights and links to your country's beard teams on the website:

As you can see there is no update from our own beard grower, the above is a little intimidating.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Reading & Seeing 2

On the left is the bespectacled face of Bill Willingham creator of the comic book series Fables. I am a bit of a comics novice having dabbled a little when I was younger - Ghostbusters and of course The Animals of Farthing Wood (not sure if that actually counts). It was my sister who told me to read Fables and, thanks to her enthusiasm (and extremely persistent nature), I finally did. The idea behind the series is pretty simple but very cool - what if the fables (snow white, the three little pigs, Beauty and the Beast & Co.) were forced to live amongst us (regular folk)? The answer is: drama and chaos of the best kind. All the Fables characters suffer magical problems as well as 21st century dilemmas, I particularly like the idea that Prince Charming is a complete jerk not to mention cheap! I've recently finished volume 2 and will be buying the next one as soon as pay day arrives.

The impressively beardy man to the right is none other than Sean 'come away with me lass' Bean. He's currently starring in Game of Thrones which is not only full to the brim with beards but is also a brilliant series based on the books by George Martin. The settings are epic; the characters are complicated (you're never sure who's going to back-stab who) - played by a predominately British Cast (fantasy sounds better in an English accent); even the opening titles are awesome. Those with Sky Atlantic will know that we're half way through the 10 part series and that winter is coming...

Finally, yesterday was Roller Derby Day and I brought two 'Derby Virgins' along for the ride. They loved it BUT to my dismay they have chosen to support the Harbour Grudges. It's going to make it all the more exciting when they have to play the Steam Rollers (pictured) in the Championship Final in July...Come on Steam Rollers!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Something...not so Blue

I realise that the next line should be 'Something Blue' but it turns out that most of the things on my wish list are not.

Clockwise from top left (I see that all the time in magazines):
Super cute Diana Mini 'Love is in the Air' £99
Pink Pigeon Light £65 - Magma have a lot of other cool bits'n'bobs too.
Baker's Delight Apron £28 - There are lots of fancy aprons here which I wouldn't want to get cake mixture on but they are too cool to resist.
This is a British Bulldog puppy - I want one.
Swallows Earings £24 - A friend was wearing them at the weekend, they look even more fab in the flesh.
Sure Grips Rock Explosion Skates $169 - just because.
Doomed £115 + p&p - I love the artwork of James Joyce - there's also a nice tee on his website...
Gladiator Sandals £37 - probably the only item that I can justify buying...the others would make brilliant gifts...*subtle hint*

Friday, 6 May 2011

Something Borrowed

Anyone who knows me might also know that I am quite terrible at returning things after I've borrowed them. CDs, DVDs, items of clothing, screwdrivers - you name it I've probably taken ages to return it. I've had my friend's copy of 'Audition' for the best part of a year now (I just can't bring myself to watch it because I know it's going to be grim). I borrowed a book from another friend - Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (a very good read by the way - worth getting your own copy...or borrowing) - he wasn't sure if I was ever going to give it back so he bought a new one and let me keep the original. On the plus side I do like lending things out. My Nana said: "Never lend your man or your toothbrush". Wise words which mean that pretty much anything else is up for grabs. However, my DVD collection is quite meager, I never own the latest album of anything and my clothes are alright - nothing fancy, so I mostly lend books, like a little library.

Some people collect boxsets (my sister), video games (Mitch), teapots (my mum) but I love my books. The majority of my library is in storage (and has been for over a year) waiting for a bigger room and a big old bookshelf. Ultimately I'm aiming for a Disney Beauty and the Beast style library, floor to ceiling books with a sliding ladder thrown in.

Baking & Beard update:

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Something New

THE wedding might be over but the theme continues.

The bank holiday trip to Camden market had a purpose: the quest for new tees. So in regards to something new...

Radiobot make awesome tees, vests, bags, jackets (link to their website is at the bottom of the blog). Definitely worth a look if you like bright tees, cool patterns and a range of robots to choose from.

We also got chatting to a guy at a t-shirt stall selling graphic tees designed by students across the country. There was a good mix of designs available and more to come - "we're always looking for new designs", the guy said. Any budding artists/designers out there who want to see their work in tee-form? website: - I particularly liked the Jafar vs Jaffa Cake one. 

Although not strictly brand new but I had to mention the newest addition to my converse collection (all the way from Milan - thanks Mitch). Love 'em.

Lastly, just a very small comment on THE wedding: beautiful dress, excellent commentary (good old Huw Edwards), fabulous champagne breakfast (thanks to my friend and excellent hostess) and some royal family themed cupcakes (courtesy of another dear friend) - v.good day x
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