Monday, 30 May 2011

Definitely Scrambled

Eggs. I, like a lot of people, can be quite particular about my eggs. Pickier than most I will only eat them scrambled or when disguised in an omelette. In polar opposite to my great dislike of fried, boiled and poached, I love scrambled eggs perhaps because I've come to associate them with the weekend where I can happily prepare a leisurely breakfast/brunch (much more exciting than a rushed bowl of cereal - if I'm lucky - during the week). And of course, this being a bank holiday weekend meant that, you've guessed it, an extra day of eggs. A very distinct pattern emerged during this long weekend:
  • Friday - go out & drink. We went to Ginglik, a converted public toilet beneath Shepherds Bush Green, and danced to a live six piece reggae band before jumping and jiving (twisting and sliding) to an awesome mix of 50's rhythm'n'blues to 60's soul until 3am.  One of the best nights out I'd had in ages.
  • Saturday - hang-over. needless to say I was a complete wreck and did nothing except bake some cakes to illustrate my feelings. I did manage some scrambled eggs on a breakfast muffin though.
  • Sunday - Inspired. Finally over the hang-over I enjoyed scrambled eggs and hash browns for brunch. A trip to Hampton Court Gardens and an unexpected present from my granddad left me feeling a little inspirited. Isn't it beautiful? He said he used to write all his reports on it, dating back to the late 1960s.
  • Sunday night - go out & drink. A friend's birthday with a lot of 'long time no sees' in attendance.
  • Monday - hang-over. Having only had a few drinks I was rather disappointed to find myself feeling crap, again (I only have my-tipsey-self to blame). Nothing that some scrambled eggs, bacon and tomato couldn't sort out. Rest of the day spent watching films (Donat's 39 Steps, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Labyrinth) between intermittent snoozing. 
  • Tomorrow - Inspired. I know it hasn't happened yet but I reckon that after my trip to Hatfield, where my sister and fellow film students are presenting their final accomplishments, a new creative vigor will be ignited. I have also been told that an English breakfast is on offer. Gotta love that protein. 

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