Thursday, 26 May 2011

my last 40 quid

That felt like the longest wait for pay day ever, I even had to use my emergency £40 (stashed away two years ago incase I ever had a particularly poor month - hello May 2011). So this is how that money was spent over the last four days with (v.gratefully) a lot of help from Mitch.

Saturday was Surbiton's Farmers Market. I'm fairly new to the occasion but it happens every third Saturday of the month and there are lots of very tasty things to be had whilst chatting to the lovely people who run the stalls (particularly the lady at the olive stand).
On Sunday I took a trip to Essex. After a bit of rummaging at a car-boot-sale where couple of bargains were unearthed (A Jamie Oliver cookbook for 50p!), we went for lunch at a very cute little village pub. The steak and mushroom pie was delicious.
Monday: To Brixton to see Attack the Block at the Ritzy (probably my favourite cinema experience along with the Curzon in Soho). Prior to the film we went for some Japanese cuisine at a restaurant which is fast becoming a regular haunt. A giant bowl of pad thai and a very tasty beer later we settled down to watch Joe Cornish's latest creation. Verdict: It's brilliant. The script is funny and well delivered by a convincing set of characters (you'll want to talk like the young cast upon leaving the cinema - I didn't believe my friend when he said that but it's true - brrrap). It's jumpy and, in some places, pretty grim. Cornish is not afraid to kill people off and show you how! Highly recommend.
In truth my emergency 40 quid ran out fairly quickly over the three days and most of the things wouldn't have been possible without Mitch (don't worry I'll take him for dinner and a film, hopefully X-Men First Class)... And lastly, as it's been quite some time, here's a beard update.

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