Friday, 20 May 2011

Competitive Beards

Last Sunday saw the 10th World Beard and Moustache Championships. A glorious event celebrating beards, moustaches and the amount of skill and caft needed to create and maintain some truely amazing facial hair!

It's a biennial competition (giving those taking part enough time to grow something special...) in which men from all over the world compete for several titles within various catergories including: Imperial (Moustache), Sideburns Freestyle (Partial Beard), Musketeer (Partial Beard) and Garibaldi (Full Beard). And it isn't just about the beards, competitors go the whole way with elaborate costumes and outfits to match their spectacular grooming efforts (from full musketeer get-up to old school cricket gear and very fancy suits/embelished waistcoats).

The 2011 event was hosted by Trondheim, Norway but this is a travelling show that's taken place in various locations in previous years - Ystad (Sweden), Berlin, Carson City (Nevada) and Brighton.

Above is this year's Best in Show (and also Freestyle Full Beard Winner) - Elmar Weisser from Germany. Yes, that is a reindeer made from his own beard. Previous champ David Traver from Alaska won by fashioning his beard to resemble an Alaskan snowshoe.

Want to see more beards, or think your beard is worthy of such a competition? There is a smorgasbord of beardy delights and links to your country's beard teams on the website:

As you can see there is no update from our own beard grower, the above is a little intimidating.

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