Friday, 6 May 2011

Something Borrowed

Anyone who knows me might also know that I am quite terrible at returning things after I've borrowed them. CDs, DVDs, items of clothing, screwdrivers - you name it I've probably taken ages to return it. I've had my friend's copy of 'Audition' for the best part of a year now (I just can't bring myself to watch it because I know it's going to be grim). I borrowed a book from another friend - Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (a very good read by the way - worth getting your own copy...or borrowing) - he wasn't sure if I was ever going to give it back so he bought a new one and let me keep the original. On the plus side I do like lending things out. My Nana said: "Never lend your man or your toothbrush". Wise words which mean that pretty much anything else is up for grabs. However, my DVD collection is quite meager, I never own the latest album of anything and my clothes are alright - nothing fancy, so I mostly lend books, like a little library.

Some people collect boxsets (my sister), video games (Mitch), teapots (my mum) but I love my books. The majority of my library is in storage (and has been for over a year) waiting for a bigger room and a big old bookshelf. Ultimately I'm aiming for a Disney Beauty and the Beast style library, floor to ceiling books with a sliding ladder thrown in.

Baking & Beard update:

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  1. ah man if you had that kind of library, i'd would start living in it! i'd probably even clear a section for all my boxsets hehe


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