Friday, 28 February 2014

8 questions

Last week the lovely Jo tagged a handful of bloggers (myself included) in her blog award post and posed us a set of questions. Nine days later and I finally got around to answering them - ta da!

1. What is your favourite thing to do on a weekend?
Ideally, although this hardly ever ever happens - getting up early and vacating the city, preferably we'd head to the coast. A much more realistic but still fabulous scenario is, after a substantial lie-in, we get up, have breakfast (practically brunch, pancakes maybe) and then check out a new exhibition in central/wander around a museum for the afternoon. Have dinner out before meeting up with friends for drinks in the pub.

2. What would your last meal be?
Pulled pork burger from The Joint with some of their BBQ chicken wings (quite possibly because that is what I'm craving right now).

3. If you could try one job out for the day, what would you do?
Something science-y. Building satellites or better yet, building probes to send into outer space. I really sucked at physics (and chemistry) at school (and now to be honest) but I find that sort of stuff really interesting. Or, paleontology. Dinosaurs and fossils - damn I love them.

4. If you could learn one skill and be super amazing at it, what would it be?
There's, obviously, quite a lot of things I'd like to be good at but I think pool is probably at the top of the list. To look at me, no one would ever imagine I could kick everyone's arse at pool so that'd be fun if I could. Perhaps I'd become a pool hustler...

5. What would your super power be?
The ability to fly.

6. If you could live in any city where would you live?
According to buzzfeed I should live in Portland Oregon and although I'd like to visit there someday I can't say that's where I'd like to live. I've not really been to that many cities so my choice is purely based on those I've been to... New York, Barecelona or, believe it or not, London. I know I constantly want to escape this capital of ours but I do think it's a pretty great city.

7. What is your happiest moment?
This is a toughie...quite possibly Jan 1st 2013. It was pretty much the perfect day - waking up in NYC, having a massive breakfast and talking about the wedding, marriage & our life together (mitch had proposed the night before). Sorry if I made you vomit :)

8. What is your guilty food - the one where you're too embarrassed to admit to anyone that that is really what you ate last night?
Crisp sandwiches. Carbs in-between more carbs. Lovely!

Well, that was fun :) Thanks for the nomination Jo!


  1. Oh my god, I am a massive crisp sandwich fan. I want one right now! Thanks for answering, great answers! :) x

    1. crisp sandwiches are the best - glad i'm not the only one :) x

  2. Aw lovely read! And an ace idea to become a pool shark!Xx

    1. thanks Amy! a little bit dishonest as professions go but I reckon it'd be fun ;) X

  3. That pulled pork sounds amazing, I'm going to have to do research on it! I agree about the crisps sandwiches, so good. Your happiest day also gave me goosebumps, I'm such a feeler x

    1. I feel like a talk a lot about the joint but I can't not - their food is just too good. Aw thanks, it's a bit cliché I suppose but it really was the best day ever x


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