Monday, 3 March 2014

triangle love

A couple of weekends ago my sister and I had ourselves another super sister saturday :) (you can read about our previous adventures here and here). On this particular saturday we decided to get our tattoos. We'd both been thinking about getting them done for a while (2 years or so) and the gods that be (read: the people who dictate my sister's rota at work) meant that she was actually free on a saturday and that it was time to get ink done (ha! as if I would ever say that phrase out loud). We went to Tattoo UK in Twickenham and within 45 mins of us arriving we'd both been tattooed by the lovely Ben.
My sister got Tolkien's illustration of Smaug - she is a HUGE Tolkien fan. I really love it and it suits her down to the ground. Me? I got these three little triangles. It's small and simple and I love it. I say simple, but, Ben confessed, mid tattooing, that I'd picked one of the hardest things to draw: straight lines. Poor Ben, my design was ALL straight lines. However, he did an amazing job.

After getting tattooed we hopped on a bus to Richmond and had a very civilised lunch at The Tea Box - home of the best savoury scone I've ever eaten (goats cheese + onion, mmm), before taking a stroll by the river - the weather was gorgeous.
Back to the tat...Did it hurt? Yes, yes it did. Thank god it only took 10 minutes to do because I actually don't think I could've taken much more. Please don't let that put you off if you're thinking of getting a tattoo, I am a massive pansy and my pain threshold is small. Two weeks of scabbing (sorry if that was too much information) and it's healed perfectly. The pain was worth it I reckon.


  1. Great tattoo! I also thought they hurt like hell. I bet your inner arm is particularly bad for pain too - pretty sensitive area when you think about it!

    1. thanks jess :) Yeah you're right it is pretty sensitive but I was told it wouldn't be more painful than my first (base of my spine) and it definitely was - perhaps I was just a bit tougher at 18!

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