Thursday, 27 March 2014

good distractions #5

There's a little bit of a lull at work at the moment. The first part of the month was chock-a-block with photoshoots and I was barely in the office (which is how I prefer it really). Now, however, things have quietened down, there's only two photo shoots in the pipeline and I've found myself doing that terrible thing: watching the clock. Being stuck at my desk isn't all bad - at least there's pinterest! All I need to do is to figure out a nice balancing between a good dose of internet browsing coupled with doing my actual work and I won't need to be counting down the minutes to 5:30 any longer... Here's a few of the things that are doing the trick!

These trousers
Peg-leg trousers seem to be everywhere. I tried on a pair and looked weird but my sister was wearing some yesterday and hers were fabulous so I'm tempted to try again...
picture sources (top to bottom l-r): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

These places
Holidays are one of the best, and perfectly acceptable, reasons to procrastinate. I'm going to Budapest in less than a week and a big of of us have just booked a cottage for a long weekend in the Lake District in May. Too excited.
picture sources: budapest // lake district

This dress & fabric
The immensely talented Roisin posted her latest creation - it is amazing. I really want this fabric but I know what I'm like, I'd probably be too scared to cut into it for fear of ruining it.
All pictures are from Roisin's blog.

This wedding
Literally everything about this wedding is stunning. Her dress, her hair, that car, the decor, the location (Lyme Regis, Maritime Theatre!!!) - beautiful.

This baby quilt
Ok, so there isn't a quilt as yet but planning it all out is incredibly satisfying. Once it's finished, I hope to give it to my friend who's expecting a little boy in May :)

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