Saturday, 22 March 2014

3 years

Today marks this little blog's third year anniversary. I know I've said it the last two years but, I seriously cannot believe that I've managed to keep it going. A lot has happened over those three years and I really love the fact that I've got the blog to look back on it all. To anyone out there thinking of starting a blog, I'd say that that is a very good reason to start.

Here are some of my highlights...
➳ Finally completing my parents' quilt - an 11 month labour of love
  A particularly great May weekend wherein we found our wedding reception venue
➳ Making a conscious decision to cut down on cooking meat at home
➳ A blissful week long holiday in the Italian countryside 
➳ Making the most out of the unbelievably good weather in July - days in the park, BBQs, car boot sale-ing
➳ The Festival of Quilts 2013 and seeing my quilt on display
➳ Silent Disco in the Science Museum
➳ A rather random trip to the coast for the day
➳ Spending some quality time with my sister - musical bingo, getting tattooed, having brunch and going to renegade craft fair
➳ Managing to knit something other than a scarf
➳ Climbing mount snowdon
➳ Experiencing my first Thanksgiving and being Mitch's sous chef on Christmas day
➳ Having a good laugh with Mitch at the Hay Hill Gallery
➳ Attending a big old family get-together for my granddad's 90th
➳ Finally visiting the Horniman Museum and the Barbican conservatory

A HUGE thanks to everyone who stops by here to read my ramblings and to everyone who takes the time to comment - it really does mean a lot :)

I'm off to make some pasties, hope you're having a good weekend!


  1. Happy blogversary! 3 years, that's just amazing! Hope the pasties were nice ;) x

    1. thanks Jo :) yeah, they turned out rather well! x

  2. Happy blog birthday! I can't wait for the next few ones and I hear ya about using your blog as a great memory box. Mine is jammed pack and I can barely believe all the little things that have happened.


    1. Thanks Becca! Even if some of my really old posts make me cringe I'm still glad I've got them x

  3. Wow, Happy 3 years! I love having a read of your posts, you deinfitely manage to have a variety of things going on! I'm also slightly in love with cherry blosoms and magnolias at the moment, wonderful pictures in your last post :)

    1. Aw, thanks Chloe :) I had SO many blossom and magnolia pics to choose from for that post. I am most definitely obsessed but they just look so pretty in the sunshine, I can't help myself taking a gazillion pictures!


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