Tuesday, 11 March 2014


After hours of packing (late into the night on Friday - we are most definitely the worse kind of 'last-mintute' people), we awoke on Saturday morning ready to load all our worldly goods into Mitch's step-dad's van. Thankfully, Mitch's brother was there to help with all the heavy stuff and my dad was there to take the more delicate items (computers, TV, Moriarty) in his car. After countless trips up and down four flights of stairs, the flat was finally empty, the van completely stuffed and us all feeling like we needed a shower (certainly didn't feel guilty about not going for a run since monday). Having unloaded the van at my parents' house (their hallway and dinning room were a sea of boxes for most of the weekend) we began, v.slowly, to unpack. Mitch reconstructed our glorious bed and we've put up some pictures and fairy lights so it's looking a lot more like home now.

We took a break from stuff sorting on Sunday and I decided to show Mitch some of the local sights. As it was a rugby day I thought it best to avoid Twickenham town and instead opted for a walk around our nearest park and long the River Crane. And, as everyone else has already pointed out, the weather was glorious - I don't think we could've picked a better weekend to move.

What with unpacking and the lovely weather, I've not really had much time to be sad about not being in Brixton. Now that the flat is empty we've got the next couple of days to clean it which, unsurprisingly, I'm not really looking forward to. Serves me right I suppose for never cleaning the oven - I am a bad, bad person. On the plus side, I'm hoping we can get out to the village one night and maybe to the ritzy to see the grand budapest hotel. I'm certain we're going to need some sort of reward by the time that place is clean!


  1. I'm set to move out of my apartment in a little less than 3 weeks. I've almost got everything in the living room packed, but haven't touch the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom yet. Hopefully I'll start moving some of it OUT this weekend. I've been telling myself that I won't do anything at the last minute...but the day keeps getting closer! Good luck with the cleaning (I haven't cleaned my oven either)!

    1. Haha- we were exactly the same. My parents even took a couple of car loads of stuff a few weeks before but we we're still packing late into the night! Good luck with your packing! (Our oven looks so bad, I'v had to go to work today so I've left Mitch to tackle it, poor bugger.)


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