Wednesday, 23 April 2014

exploring richmond park

Mindful of all the food that was consumed on Easter Sunday (pasties, cake, chocolate eggs) a walk around Richmond Park on the monday seemed like a good idea. We started off at the Petersham gate and headed to the centre of the park and the Penn Ponds - we saw a herd of red deer on the way :) At the ponds it started to rain but luckily it didn't last and it was boiling hot again by the time we reached the Isabella Plantation. One thing that I really love about Richmond Park (apart from the deer) is the variety of it. You'd never guess that the beautiful cedar trees, Pembroke Lodge, the Penn Ponds and the plantation were all part of the same park. Depending on what you want to do in the park - climb trees, go on a bike ride, have a picnic, walk the dog, watch the wildlife - there's different areas you can go to get the most out of your day. I can sense we'll be spending a lot more time in Richmond Park as soon as the summer arrives.

After Isabella we headed towards the Kingston gate and into the town in search of food. A Five Guys opened up in the Rotunda last month which meant I fiiiiinally got to try one of their burgers. Seeing as we'd been walking for 5 and a half miles we opted for the cheeseburgers with all the extras we were allowed. I now get what all the fuss is about. It was guuud. As were their fries! I might be a little more adventurous with my beverage next time as the drinks machine had Coke flavours I'd never even heard of. We finished the day with some playtime with Moriarty and a cup of tea in front of My Neighbour Totoro, which was super weird but cute. Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!

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