Thursday, 17 April 2014

a little less floral

The sun seems to have disappeared today (and the bank holiday weekend ain't looking so good either) so what better time to bang on about some seriously colourful fabrics. 

As I've mentioned before nearly all the dresses I own are made with floral prints so, the next dress I make should not be. Here are some contenders...
Amy Butler's Hapi collection is stunning - particularly loving the glow, camel blanket and sky pyramid designs. Too bad the latter is only available in a linen blend. 

This fabulous collection by Arizona is coming soon to the Village Haberdashery. Love the one in the bottom left corner.
Lastly there's this from the Henna collection, a first from UK designer Beth Studley. I want a dress made from this v.muchly.
 Happy faux friday! I'm cooking for all the family on easter sunday and taking a trip to Essex on saturday to see a v.good friend :) tomorrow and monday I shall play by ear - really looking forward to a lie-in! Hope you've got lots of good stuff planned for the easter weekend too. 


  1. Holy Crap! I'm amazed by the second collection, Arizona, and the last print!


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