Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Making & Baking - easter weekend

A lot of cooking went down over the long weekend, mostly thanks to the fact that I was catering for the easter sunday family get-together. On the whole it was rather successful but a bit of a pastry overload.  Let's just say, people certainly didn't need to eat anything else that day! I also did a bit of sweet baking in the form of this (even if I do say so myself) a-mazing sweet potato cake. It actually requires a cream cheese icing but seeing as it was intended for my v.pregnant friend who can't eat soft cheese, I made a simple buttercream topping instead. My sister found the recipe and it really is a winner: super moist (much like a carrot cake) and delicious without icing if you find it too sweet. Plus, there's the added novelty of cooking with vegetables - never a bad thing in my view. The cake made the journey to Essex with me and, thankfully, arrived in one piece. After a nose around my friend's new house we had a good old catch up over lunch, the best bon-bons I've ever eaten, tea and homemade goodies. Pretty much the perfect day really :)
As well as baking and stuffing my face I met up with a few friends in the evenings for drinks (and on friday, a game of five-way ping-pong - best. game. ever) and made time for a bit of craft-related productivity. I'm about half way through making the top of a baby quilt for my friend who I mentioned above. She's actually 8 months gone (and looking fabulous) so seeing her was both a reminder for me to get a move on and the exciting fact that the next time I see her, she'll be a mum! The quilt itself is a v.simple '+' shape design which I might do a DIY for once it's completed... I'm also slogging away at the crochet blanket - not long now though, I'm hoping it'll be finished by the end of the month.

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