Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Joint

I cannot thank my friend enough for suggesting that we returned from Italy on the friday because having an entire weekend to get back into the swing of things was sublime, particularly as we made it just in time for the UK heat wave. And how did I spend my heat wave weekend? Eating - holiday habits die hard apparently.
My parents and sister popped over to Brixton on the saturday to drop off Moriarty. He'd had a fabulous time at my parents' house which must have seemed like a mansion compared to the flat, and I'm pretty sure my fam really enjoyed having him to stay. After Moriarty was settled back in we all took a stroll down to Brixton Village where it quickly became clear that my intended choice for lunch was not going to happen. Heat wave + saturday + the village + lunchtime = MEGA BUSY. I should've known. As luck would have it we came to a standstill (completely overwhelmed by all the choice) right next to The Joint and upon reading their blackboard sign my mum was already heading for a table!

I know it's been open for a while now (since last autumn perhaps) but Mitch and I had never been before. Dear lord, we were seriously missing out. The menu is small but the food is absolutely delicious - my mouth is actually watering at the thought of it. So what do they do? Pure barbecued goodness, that's what they do.
We all ordered the pulled pork bun with coleslaw, bacon and salad which came in possibly the tastiest bun I've ever eaten. Made from sourdough and infused with vanilla and fig - they certainly give brioche buns a run for their money. Two words of warning: the buns are huge and it does get very messy :)

We also ordered a couple of sides - onion rings (which were good but I would've ordered the BBQ wings as they looked even better) and a portion of hush puppies. I had no idea what they were so our waitress informed us that they were kinda like savoury doughnuts with a bit of a spicy kick. They were guuud. A cute thing about the sides was that they all appear wrapped up in brown paper, complete with label. I am a sucker for good packaging, especially when it comes to food.
Despite only eating there on saturday I am trying to plan my next visit, you better believe it'll be sooner rather than later. It is a bit of a carnivor's haven but they do have a veggie main option and it's BYOB. Seriously, just go, you can thank me later.

picture credits: top, middle, bottom - I did not take any of these as I was too busy stuffing my face, lucky others have been more organised.

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