Monday, 22 July 2013

the weekend in reverse!

Kicking off with yesterday - myself, mitch, some south london chums and thousands of others descended upon brockwell park for this year's Lambeth Country Show!
Blimey, it was super crowded and a bloody good day to boot! Naturally Mitch and I gravitated towards the farm zone for a look at the owls and a brief stop at the sheep shearing show we watched last year before we headed into the competition tent. Clearly you can compete in just about any category you could think of - flower arrangement, vegetables, homemade jam, bread and handcraft (slightly kicking myself for not having known about this one - 
note to self: enter something next year).
We stopped off for a gawp at the birds of prey and then headed for food. Dear lord there was so much choice! I opted for a pork butts roll with BBQ sauce, tomatoes, onions, gerkins (unbelievably good) washed down with some coconut water! As it was bloody hot we spent the rest of the afternoon in the shade of a big tree near the main stage. Good company, fabulous tunes and red stripe - couldn't have asked for more really :)
Saturday was my dad's birthday and we offered to help with the catering. I say 'we' but really I offered mitch's BBQ skills and jerk chicken recipe and he v.happily agreed! (There's a reason why I didn't offer my 'skills' with the barbecue, namely that I know nothing about using them. As evidence, my mum and I went to collect the stuff needed for said barbecue and unintentionally tried to buy 1600 firelighters for the bargainous price of £2.50 - the people in tesco thought we were insane, it was pretty funny. I'll eat the stuff cooked on a BBQ no probs, just don't ask me to help set-up or cook on them.) I helped by making a couple of salads but the jerk chicken and my mum's kebabs were the real stars of the feast! My sister also pitched in with some lush rockyroad cakes for dessert. Nothing like a good old family bbq and a few glasses of pimms in the sunshine. Wish I'd taken a pic of all the food - you could barely see the table!

And friday, despite being on a location shoot for work, felt v.much like the start of the weekend. The house we were using was simply amazing and boasted the largest garden in London I've ever seen!

Hope you had a sunny ol' weekend too!

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  1. So gutted I missed the Lambeth Country show again this year! Looks like so much fun. Your bbq food looks delicious too. Have a lovely week x


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