Monday, 15 July 2013

super sister saturday!

Pretty much the entirety of saturday was spent in the fabulous company of my sister. 

We began by heading over to gallery 71A near old street station to catch the Not For Rental exhibition. Set up in the basement below the headquarters of excellent film magazine - Little White Lies - the exhibition was set out like a video rental store, with shelves of VHS boxes bearing the works of 200 artists. 
As it was the last day of the show, the artworks were on sale and disappearing off the shelves, the proceeds going to charity. Aside from appreciating the art, it was also pretty fun to guess what films were being depicted on the covers (most satisfyingly, the answers were on the back). These were a few of my faves. 
Then we wandered down the road to The Book Club for some brunch. I had the salmon and scrambled egg (it was huuuge - enough for two!) and my sis had the pancakes with maple syrup and summer fruits. We both drank their iced coffee - it is delish!
After a good old chinwag we decided to venture to kings cross - the original plan involving checking out the free exhibition at the british library but, we didn't make it past caledonian road. There we stopped off at a second hand bookshop before whiling away the rest of the afternoon in the ever-lovely Drink Shop & Do.
An ice coffee (there's was also v.good) and a slice of victoria sponge later and it was time to head home.
The best saturday I've had in ages and my sister actually managed to get me to leave Brixton - it's no easy task!


  1. super sister say out indeed!!!!

    I'll find another way to get to explore outside Brixton but I shall be venturing to, so we can eat those Joint pulled pork delights!

    1. Yes! U must come bk for some hush puppies too! X

  2. i want those pancakes!
    and the cake!

    1. Luckily my sis let me try her pancakes and I can confirm: they were as delicious as they look!


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