Monday, 8 July 2013

June stuff

A little later than planned but here's a quick round-up of how June panned out in terms of my 4 things challenge.

De-clutter: Finally got around to putting some stuff on eBay but sadly there weren't many takers so most of it will need to go to charity or possibly the next frock swap event. I also did a rather big de-clutter of the shelves and put lots if winter clothes into boxes - perhaps a little optimistic but I have high hopes for this sunny weather.
Health: I actually started jogging again in June - twice a week - the real test is going to be whether I can now continue it after a week long holiday of essentially stuffing my face. We'll see.
Money: saving has had a bit of a set back and it doesn't look like I can properly start again until August. On a more positive note a plan is beginning to form in terms of saving for the long term future...
Do more new: I was racking my brain to think of what new thing I've done this month and then it hit me -  I met and hung out with a lot of new people in June! Sounds like I'm clutching at straws but, if you think about it, how often to do spend an evening (or a week) with a completely new bunch of people? I, as I think most people, tend to just maintain the friendships I've got. So, spending an evening down the pub with some of Mitch's work mates I'd not met before and then holidaying in Italy for a week with a group of 11 when half of them are totally new was really quite refreshing!

In other news it was also Mitch's birthday - a raucous friday night involving many many shots meant that the saturday, his actual birthday, was pretty quiet. We did manage a stroll in the park, dinner at Mama Lan in the village - they make delicious dumplings - and on sunday I made him his favourite cake, chocolate & guinness with a cream cheese frosting. Yum.

I'm looking forward to July - even though it's already the 8th(!) - there's birthdays, the lambeth country show, fingers crossed a BBQ and good few more sunny days/evenings in the park.

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