Monday, 29 July 2013

this + that

It was a pretty quiet weekend - plenty of eating and sleeping and not much besides. Kinda nice really, especially after the last weekend where I went back to work on Monday feeling anything but rested. Anyhoo, here's a bit of this + that from the last week or so.

I've started working on a new quilt - a baby quilt no less - to give to one of mitch's best friends who recently had a baby girl. It's coming along nicely.

Starting the day right with poached eggs and salmon on toast. I bought mitch an egg poacher for his birthday and we finally tried it out over the weekend. It works like a dream, plus as a former egg hater, I've now discovered that I like poached eggs! Weekend breakfasts are the bees knees.

Bought some new hamster food for Moriarty and it's heart shaped! This pleases me a lot.

Watermelon during these hot days is a god send.

On an afternoon visit to Angel I took a stroll down the camden passage and picked up a pretty sweet dress and this is its inside label. It intrigues me and although I  don't get the bit about 'the game', I do like the last statement. 
On saturday mitch and I cashed in on our car boot sale profits with a well deserved trip to The Joint. Simply lush.

And lastly, this was actually taken at the beginning of the month on an impromptu visit to mitch's parents. This peacock has decided to settle in their garden and happily potters about the lawn and roosts in their tree! Crazy but true.

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