Tuesday, 2 April 2013

easter bits + pieces

I'd been really looking forward to the long easter weekend but where did it go?! Over waaaay too quickly for my liking.

On friday Mitch and I enjoyed a v.leisurely day - late brunch and a freezing but lovely walk along the south bank before heading to Queen Elizabeth Hall to see a v.special screening of Dead Man's Shoes wherein all the music featured in the film was played live by a band! I like how people are always challenging the idea of 'cinema' with things like sing-a-longs, secret cinema and the like. I guess this particular experience was almost a throwback to how films used to be enjoyed back in the days of the silent cinema, with a bloke playing a piano to accompany the action. The updated version (guitars, double bass, keyboards, drums) was pretty cool and the film itself, written by Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine, was excellent - gritty, well scripted and beautifully played out - I highly recommend it, especially if you liked This is England.
Treated myself to some nail varnish. The minty green reminded me of spring PLUS it's the same colour as this awesome geometric necklace I wear all the time.

Almost the whole of saturday was spent helping my friend move house which was knackering but also rewarding as it means he's now living round the corner from me!
Spotted at  my auntie and uncle's house: One of the best wedding invites I've ever seen.

On sunday ma famille and I travelled down to the New Forest to see my auntie and uncle for Easter lunch - and v.nice it was too!

Decorative eggs at Mitch's mum's house.

Lastly, on Monday Mitch and I went to Essex to see his family and partake in his mum's annual easter egg hunt (it's really for his nephews...). This year his uncle and auntie were visiting from Germany so we were also treated to some seriously tasty german food called kloesse (involving meat and dumplings) - so good.

So yeah, easter was fun and now it's april. Crazy.

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  1. A live band accompanying a film?! That is AWESOME! I wish I could find something similar where I live, I would be there in a heartbeat. I loved This Is England, so if I'm ever able to find that movie I'll definitely check it out.


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