Wednesday, 17 April 2013

good distractions #3

This online zine 
Issue 4 of Pebble Magazine - I especially liked the article about urban exploration and their vegan lemon and blueberry tray bake looks pretty good.

This short film
Some of my friends from uni made a film set in the not too distant future about the very last bookshop... You can see more of their stuff here.

This place
We're not going to Perugia for a good two and half months but I am already super pumped for it. Although the holiday has been sold to me as a week of eating, drinking and lounging by the pool (we're staying with my friend at her parent's villa in the countryside) I hope that I'll be able to venture into the town at least once - looks pretty no?

These dresses
From Kate Spade Saturday

The event
Yes I'm talking about the wedding, no I'm not going to bore yout with details. But, what I will say is: there's SO much stuff to plan, thank god for my pinterest board!

These satchels
Such pretty designs from Melin Tregwynt made with wool woven in wales.

These guys
Hanging out with these two, how can I possibly get anything done? :)


  1. ooh perugia! eating, drinking and lounging by the pool sounds like perfection. whennn will it hurry up and be summer?? xxx

  2. LOVE those dresses and satchels. *heads to Pinterest to stalk THE WEDDING*


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