Friday, 26 July 2013

summery stuff wish list

Some summery things I'm a-wanting to match my sunny mood. 
I love fridays.
1. sunglasses from the white pepper - wouldn't mind a couple of their dresses either - too bad this beauty is sold out!

2. pin up ukulele from the ukulele workshop - obviously I love my plain pink ukulele but wouldn't this be awesome. Ally has quite a few different designs to choose from, they're well worth a look.

3. petits four plates from BHLDN - I don't need them. I just want them. i bet cake would actually taste better eaten of them.

4. tea dress from motel - They've stopped making just body con dresses which means: Motel has once again become one of my favourite sites. so. many. pretty. dresses. 

5. cat pacifier tee from fab - love it.

6. metal triangle necklace from fawn and rose - v.pretty colours.

7. boyfriend cardi from ASOS - I've been on the hunt for a long-ish grey cardigan for aaaaages. I like the look of this one but am I too old to have stars on the elbows? I hope not.

8. folk modern fabric from the village haberdashery - I'm not too sure what I'd make with them but by god I need them in my stash.

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