Saturday, 8 March 2014

photobooth - peckham liberal club

Last Saturday night we descended upon Peckham's liberal club for a friend's 30th birthday. He's a photographer by trade and every (or nearly every) party he hosts he has some sort of fun photo or video element that gets everyone involved. And his birthday was no exception :)
The liberal club was a pretty cool venue. For starters, admittance was only obtained by being buzzed in. Next, the bar area was v.much a local's bar and manned by a dour (but very amusing) irishman who gave Mitch a jokingly hard time. And then there was the main room which kinda reminded me of the effra social with its little chairs, tables and stage area. It also has a pool (or possibly snooker) hall. I'm not entirely sure whether you can just walk in there of an evening or whether it is very much "a club", but it did make a cracking little venue if you thinking of renting somewhere.

Today is the day Mitch and I move all of our stuff out of the flat. I'd thought I'd be more sad about leaving now that the time has actually come but, the horror of packing (so much packing!) has proven to be a huge distraction. I imagine we'll be loading all our worldly goods onto the van by the time you read this. Hope your weekend is chilled out one :)

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