Monday, 2 December 2013


Obviously I'm not american but this year I got to partake in a couple of Thanksgiving related events, and a lot of fun it was too! 

On friday night my friend Alex, the culinary genius, invited me to his vegetarian Thanksgiving feast. Although I am sorry he couldn't celebrate with his family in Michigan, I was VERY thankful that he decided to celebrate it in South London. The food was a-mazing. Lentil loaf, green beans casserole (type thing), giant balls of veggie stuffing, sweet potato mash, feta, pecan and apple salad and homemade bread. See, I told you he was a genius. Needless to say, I had seconds of everything. But, the feast didn't end there - he'd also made three different types of dessert. A pecan pie (avec rum), pumpkin pie and a coconut and pumpkin pie with walnut pastry. I tried a slice of each, obvs - all were as delicious as they sound :) Traditionally, I think people watch some american football after the food but we settled for a game of Cards Against Humanity. Add to all that, lots of red wine, great company and a thought about what we were all thankful for, it really was the most fabulous evening! 

To continue the thanksgiving appreciation, I took part in Meredith's most recent yarn bombing challenge and crocheted these little leaves. En-route to the gym on sunday, I left them on a bench in brockwell park. Most pleasingly, on my way home from the gym, I actually saw someone stop to look at them :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.


  1. Wow that feast looks delicious! My boyfriend told me about Cards of Humanity the other day, I want to give it a try!


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