Tuesday, 31 December 2013

festive fun in december

In true december fashion, it's been busy, particularly during the build-up to christmas. Yes, the last few days have been quiet but on the whole I've spent that time in my pjs, watching films (singin' in the rain is on as I write this) and eating my way through all the christmas leftovers - sweet and savoury. Bearing that in mind, my 4 things have taken a bit of a backseat this month...

De-clutter: Although I've still not taken the, now overflowing, bag to the charity shop, I did manage to clear out lots of my old stuff from my  old room at my parents' house.

Health: I can actually count the number of times I went to the gym this month on the fingers of one hand. Bad eh? Particularly as I've been quite merrily stuffing my face over the last three weeks.

Money: I'm not a big fan of sale shopping but having received a few vouchers for christmas I shall definitely be splurging on a couple of things - some new sports attire, fabric and clothes patterns :) Saving continues for the wedding which is now less than 8 months away (aaaaahhhhh).

Do More New: The biggest new thing, that eclipses all new things, this month was: hosting Christmas. I've cooked for large-ish groups of people before and Mitch is a master of roast dinners but cooking xmas dinner was a whole different ball game. Thankfully though almost everything went to plan and it didn't put me off doing it again :)

As you can see it wasn't an entirely successful month buuuut a pretty big change is taking place early next year which will have a huge positive impact on de-cluttering and money saving. More on that at a later date as there's only a few hours left of 2013 and I'm off to the supermarket to stock up for the celebrations this evening. Happy NYE everyone!

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