Wednesday, 1 January 2014

so long 2013!

I know lots of people say "wow, what an amazing year 2013 was" but seriously, 2013 was the best year ever. Starting it in New York (and being proposed to on Brooklyn Bridge) was easily the best Jan 1st I've ever had and the year just didn't let up from there :)

Moriarty arrived, I completed a number of sewing and crafty projects (including two quilts, a couple of dresses an a scarf), we saw The Postal Service perform at Brixton Academy (and Arcade Fire at the Round House), I spent some quality time with my fabulous sister, we relaxed for a glorious week in the Italian countryside, I saw my quilt displayed at the Festival of Quilts, we went to a silent disco at the science museum, conquered mount Snowdon and generally soaked up as much brixton/south london goodness as poss: country fair, car boot sale, meeting some lovely bloggers, the horniman museum and gorged ourselves on the culinary delights of the village and beyond!

Thanks 2013, you've been grand and have also perfectly laid the way for this year to come. Lots of exciting things are already in place and I cannot wait! Mitch and I went to a friends' (beautiful) flat for our NYE celebrations last night - much prosecco was consumed and Mitch, in what appears to have become a tradition, made punch. We were feeling a little worse for wear today so we whiled away the afternoon watching numerous episodes of Parks and Recreation whilst eating pizza. It's been great. 

Hello 2014 - I think it's going to be a good one :)

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