Wednesday, 4 December 2013

art faves

A couple of nights ago my sister casually asked what artists I liked (something to do with christmas perhaps...) and I ended up spending a good couple of hours looking over my favourites before finally emailing her some links to choose from. Then I thought, maybe it would be nice to share these favourites, perhaps they'll help with your own present buying...but if not, it's always good to look at pretty things.

Collages, as you'll soon see, are a big hit with me and Beth's work is pretty much perfect. The two below are the prints I covet the most.

I absolutely love her illustration style and her choice of film and tv characters (yes, han solo!). The little knight is my current favourite.

The little people project and his book 'Global Model Village' are ace. 

I particularly like his negative space collection but all his stuff is very clever.

More awesome collage art. The cut-out floral mountain and the one below are my faves.

And whilst we're talking collage art, I think Sammy's work is tres cool. So surreal. I like Goodbye Blue Sky best.

Beautiful illustrations - so many details and different textures.

A mix of collages, illustration and photography - v.pretty stuff.

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