Saturday, 30 November 2013

much to give thanks for in november

Moustache today, gone tomorrow - if you're doing movember anyway. I wasn't  but oh man, it's been one heck of busy month - markets, live gigs, fireworks, dress shopping! In amongst all the fun (namely eating and drinking lots), there I was, trying to stick to my 4 things challenge. Not a complete success this month...

De-clutter: The flat is still a tip. These short days are anything but motivational in terms of tidying in the evenings during the week or at the weekend. I honestly cannot see the flat situation getting better in December what with a mountain of social commitments on the cards to keep me out until dark... not that I'm complaining - if I'm out a lot it means I won't have to spend as much time in my messy flat! That's the adult way to deal with it.

Health: Apart from a horrendously boozy wednesday in the third week, I've not been doing too badly with the 'consume less alcohol' plan and my caffine in-take has definitely dropped. Herbal tea and water all the way! Again, what with all the social happenings in December, not to mention Christmas itself, I'd be stupid to think that this can last. Also, I only managed to go to the gym twice a week throughout the November. My defence? Ever tried getting up for the gym at 6am when it's pitch black? I have. I've tried and failed miserably, on several occasions. So, once after work in the week and once at the weekend has been the routine this month, aiming to go three times a week in December or at least maintain the effort.

Money: Although I've not been buying clothes or other frivolous things, I did spend rather a lot on going out, gig tickets specifically, so payday really couldn't have come sooner. On the plus side I've managed to make a start with christmas present purchasing and I continued to bring my own lunch to work for most of the month - this is certainly a habit I'll stick to.

Do More New: I think this is the only goal I convincingly managed to keep up with this month. I went to see two bands I'd not seen live before (Savages and Arcade Fire), spent an afternoon at Renegade Craft Fair for the first time before trying out a completely new-to-me restaurant/bar in Shoreditch, entered a design competition, went to the Wellcome Collection for the first time, tried on a wedding dress for the first time (SO much fun) and experienced my first ever Thanksgiving!

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  1. I set myself some goals at the start of the year, and I must say you're doing A LOT better than me! Your 'do more new' progress is particularly impressive!


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