Wednesday, 13 November 2013

an afternoon in east

Another super sister saturday took place at the weekend - crafty goods and cocktails were on the menu.

First off we headed to the Truman Brewery near Brick Lane for the Renegade Craft Fair. I've missed it the last two years (for shame) so I was pretty stoked to have remembered this time. The upstairs bit of the old brewery was jam-packed with independent makers, artists and designers all selling quality and unique products. The amount of excellent stuff on offer was slightly overwhelming. If I hadn't restricted myself to a budget I might have gone a bit spending-crazy.
dinner print amused me greatly 

this stall had the best cards

these anti swallow necklaces were ace - the messages on the necklaces say 'f**k swallows' :)

I managed to get two christmas presents for other people as well as a couple of inexpensive bits and bobs for myself. I also picked up a ton of business cards for future reference (and when I get paid again). Here's what I bagged: A bookmark, this cute purse, 's is for sloth' card and two postcards from the funniest stall ever.

Other great stuff included: Ace plates from Oh no Rachio!; this vase from Scawn Studios; the mugs and illustrations of Ella Masters;  this print from Scout Editions; this ring from Moko. I really could go on forever. After two hours at the fair, my sis and I went in search of cocktails.

A short walk down the road onto shoreditch high street and we were tempted by happy hour cocktails at Barrio East. I am SO glad we went in. Not only were the cocktails very good (and cheap) but the food was lush. We ordered slightly spicy pork tacos and a massive plate of nachos (with all the trimmings). YUM. I'd definitely recommend it but get there early if you don't fancy booking a table, it got pretty busy by 8ish.

My Sunday was v.chilled - a good tidy up of the flat followed by lunch at The Joint (the obsession continues) before an evening of lazing about on the couch and a good old play with Moriarty.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, I'm jealous you have a sister to have fun times with!
    Uh oh, I've never heard of The Joint before...this could be dangerous for me.

    1. it is dangerous - a meat lover's heaven!


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