Friday, 14 March 2014

thank you Brixton and good night!

So that's it, the cupboards have all been cleaned, the floors have been mopped and all the tiles well and truly scrubbed. Today I handed over the keys and we are officially south west londoners.
The last week has been a bit of a blur and I'm absolutely shattered. Our last couple of days in Brixton went something like this:

Tuesday evening: we made a start on the cleaning, then went for jerk chicken (plus plantains, rice and peas, salt fish fritters, coleslaw etc) at Negril's sister restaurant (I think it's called Orange Bay) - and I can happily report that the food there is exactly the same: absolutely delicious :) the only slight difference is that Orange Bay has a bar - then we went back to cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Wed: work, cleaning (mitch had the day off so he cleaned all day), dinner (at the joint), cleaning, cinema (went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel - it's good), sleeeeep. Thursday: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, a hilarious trip back to west london with a cumbersome assortment of stuff including a Henry hoover (we really need to learn to drive). We dumped all the stuff at the house and went straight out (the weather was amazing). I took Mitch for a stroll around the neighbourhood and we ate ice creams. On the way home we met the softest, friendliest puppy called nigel, it was a like a dulux dog, only a puppy - yes, exactly, v.cute.

The cleaning has now switched to sorting - there are many boxes to rifle through and bits + bobs to organise and put away in our new room. Really hoping that this sunny weather is sticking around for the weekend so I have an excuse not to spend the whole time figuring out what a flat's worth of stuff will fit in one room...

Anyhoo, happy Friday!

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