Sunday, 2 February 2014

pictures from the last week or so

So there I was, inwardly wondering whether January would ever end and then the last week of it flew by. Thanks to the long-awaited arrival of pay-day my evenings were full of fun things...
The photographer's t-shirt at a studio - love it.

Aw, these two :)

Shopping for my wedding dress fabrics - but rather daunting.

A little visit to Beyond Retro - might have bought something...well, yes, a v.summery dress.

Science Museum Lates: 3-D printing, ancient timers (hour glass in shape only - lots of them were random timers like 19 seconds) and astronomy monopoly (where you could purchase jupiter for $150 dollars!)

South Ken. Seriously delicious food (I had the fattet lamb kofta) and jazzy decor - how amazing are these tiles?!

Mugs and the wall of plates at my Nan's house.

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