Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sunday at the Barbican

I've been wanting to see the barbican conservatory for aaaages and last sunday I finally went and brought Mitch along for the ride.
We got the tube to Moorgate - it felt really eerie around there, completely deserted - and walked through the Barbican estate, which is also pretty strange. It kind of reminds me of something from a science fiction story - a little futuristic (blade runner-ish?) with it's weird canals and walkways (which is odd because it was actually built in the 60s). If you're curious or nosey (like I am) about the estate, I found this site which is most informative.
After we'd finished ogling the estate we headed to the Barbican Centre and up to the conservatory. It's a funny little place. Although someone is obviously looking after it, the conservatory has that feel of being overgrown - plants and vines climbing the central bricked tower, succulents overspilling their pots, giant leaves pushing outwards into the paths.
My favourite bit was the cacti and succulent room.
After the conservatory we went for something to eat in the Barbican food hall. I wish we'd got there sooner as they'd stop serving hot food. However, they did have a table of cake - yes a whole table (!) with such an impressive selection to choose from - and the decor was lovely!
We half thought about going to the Pop Art exhibition but we only had 30 mins or so before the Barbican shut, so gave it a miss. I'd highly recommend a visit to the conservatory. It's only open on sundays but we got there about 3:30 and it was pretty empty - most of the people there seemed to be sketching the plants.

I'm writing this having returned home from a very knackering day which mostly consisted of getting on buses, realising that the traffic in central london was at deadlock and that the bus had moved less than 10 metres in as many minutes, getting off and walking. I've basically been walking everywhere today which would've been fine if not for all the rain this afternoon. Ah well, a good cup of tea sorts everything out. Tomorrow not only brings day 2 of the tube strikes, it's also my birthday. Surviving my hideous commute shall be rewarded with dinner and lots of wine :)


  1. I think lots of people would find the brutal design of the Barbican unattractive, but I've always found it strangely appealing - weirdly futuristic, as you say, but I kind of 1960s imaging if futuristic. Apparently there are terrapins in the ponds which have bred from released pets and are now massive (and eat ducks!).

    1. massive, duck-eating terrapins?! the barbican estate just got even better.


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