Sunday, 5 June 2011

First Class

Wednesday, or more specifically Orange Wednesday, I went to the cinema. Film of choice: the new x-men movie. Verdict: Awesome and very well balanced in the sense that there was enough back-story to each of the characters so you don't think 'this is all about the action sequences', and the special effects are large scale and a quite a thing to behold incase you do perhaps get a little tired of the all the teary-eyed bits (but there aren't many - fear not). The cast is superb and full of faces you'll recognize. The highlights for me were Michael Fassbender as Erik (might have developed some sort of crush there, also I'm a little intrigued as to how he will fare as Rochester in the new Jane Eyre remake...); Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique (she's an oscar nominee, she's been in an x-men movie and she's not even 21 yet - sigh); James McAvoy who brings out a more charming (and slightly drunken) side to young Professor X which we don't really get to see in the previous films; and finally Kevin Bacon. I, because I'm terribly unobservant, failed to notice the Bacon in any of the posters or trailers so when he appeared on screen as the twisted Sebastian Shaw, I was shocked and delighted - he really is a great baddie. I was a little confused at Take That providing the theme song but hey ho it's a crazy world.

Also this week I attended the Visions Festival at Hertfordshire University. Why, you ask. Well, my sister has just completed her degree in Film and TV Production and her film was put forward, along with the other top 12 films in her year, for the mini festival. The students' finished work was screened for all to see and from these 13 short pieces 4 were picked to receive specific awards for being the best in the different categories. It was an interesting afternoon and an epic treat to see my sister's film on the big screen. And the day got even better, turns out that Space Detective ticked all the right the boxes for those on the judging panel and my sister was awarded the Stanley Kubrick Award for Fiction. So very proud.
And here she is being presented with her award by Jan Harlan (a producer on a number of Kubrick's films). 

Beard Status: At present there's a slight unbalance in the hair to beard ratio. Personally I'm not a huge fan but I guess it works if you're playing a bad guy in a movie. The three below are all sporting the two extremes (very beardy and completely baldie). As much as I love Jeff and Bruce (not you though John) they are not looking at their best.
Mitch however seems to be working it. Beard most certainly approved.

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  1. also did you Jan Harlan's beard, that was quite a beard hehe


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