Sunday, 18 September 2011

Making & Baking

Inspired by the trip to Festival of Quilts (see past post) and, of course, the mass exposure to beautiful fabric I have decided to make my very own quilt! I, perhaps stupidly, decided to make a large one (to fit the new bed) comprised of different patchwork blocks measuring 12cm by 12cm. On reflection I should have made the blocks bigger but oh well I've started now and I must finish it. As I currently don't own a sewing machine, I'm sewing it all by hand and hope to have it ready by the beginning of December (or at least before Christmas).

Like a true stitcher, I've also starting stashing and thinking about new thing at a time is a hard rule to stick to.

To celebrate my sister's un-birthday, she held a tea party (think Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter). There was plenty of tea as well as games, bubbles, playing cards bunting, cucumber sandwiches, biscuits and cake, some of which I provided. It was a very enjoyable evening indeed! 'Eat Me' biscuits, strawberry tea (with milk!) and pin the grin on the cheshire cat were my highlights.

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