Thursday, 20 October 2011

Confusion on the U-Bahn (adventures in Berlin)

Last month I spent three and half jam packed days in Berlin. It is an awesome city and will I definitely go back, mainly to see and do all things that I didn't get round too!

We stayed in East Berlin at the Odyssee Globetrotter Hostel - v.nice indeed, free coffee, cheap beer and the offer of a good old German breakfast.

Kreuzberg was the most recommended district to mooch about  in - shops/bars/eateries - we spent a lot of time there, in particular, wandering down Oranienstasse where I bought my gravy jug and comic style tights!

We did all the touristy things too - visiting the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial (by Peter Eisenman), the Tacheles and the Berlin Film Museum where there were showing a very interesting exhibition on story boards as well a lot of history about the German film industry. We attempted to see the Bundestag but, and a word of warning to anyone else who wants to see it, you can't just wander in - woah no - you have to register three days prior to your visit so that they can check your not a suspicious kinda person - there was a terror threat last November so security is large.

Berlin transport is v.efficient, we only took the trains (not a fan of trams in general) and they are pretty easy to follow except for one detail: their U-Bahn and S-Bahn appear on the same map - it doesn't help that some of the lines are practically the same colour. The London equivalent being our tube AND rail network all thrown in together. It's not a big deal but Katie and I got a little confused on a couple of occasions.

Food and booze was mostly cheap in Berlin - swimming pools (super tasty cocktails) for 3.50 euros and on our first night we had pizza for just 3 euros! Other notable places - Michelberger Hotel (also on recommendation) - the comfiest hotel bar/lounge and where my sister and I created the excellent card game 'Who's got the Goat?', Angry Angry Chicken doubling up with Soju Bar, this really lovely cafe by the river - sadly I forgot the name - where I had the best Chai Tea Latte EVER. They like their nuts and meat out in Germany (including pistachio meat - amazing!) which was great for me as I like those things too but those with a nut allergy beware, pesto find it's way into lots of things.

Lastly, how could I write about a German adventure and not mention the currywurst, one word: YUM

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