Monday, 4 April 2011

Girls, Guns & Fire vs. Mad, Murderous Tire

Last Friday I went to see Sucker Punch. Now, I'm sure you've all read the bad reviews it's been given, I had which made it all the worse as I had been looking forward to seeing it. After all, it's the new Zack Snyder movie - the man who brought us '300', 'Watchmen' and 'The Owls of Ga'Hoole' (which incidentally is awesome - a friend at work completely sold it to me when he described it as "300 with owls" - epic). 

Back to Sucker Punch - I agree with most of the critics: there is no story-line (unless you're counting the dream within a dream within a lobotomy thing) the dialogue is terrible, it's too long, very self indulgent and more like a music video/computer game. However, what I can't understand is why some reviews have criticised (and analysed) the film from a feminist point of view. Yes the women are scantily-clad and no they are not empowered. It is aimed at boys (and some girls) 12 and up who want to see slow-motion fight scenes and eyelash flutterings. The girls' outfits are revealing but they look pretty good (Mitch just kept repeating the words "eye candy") AND they kick ass - shooting lots of people and blowing things up. If you do not require/expect much else from this film you'll love it. Visually its spectacular and the music is probably the best character throughout (it plays a big part). But, if you're still feeling disappointed (and particularly saddened by the unprovoked murder of the baby dragon) there are some ace animated shorts to watch online 

I also watched Rubber - a film about a discarded tire that comes to life with nothing but destruction on it's, erm...mind. Simple enough right? Wrong. This off beat little film is on another level altogether. You find yourself watching a film within a film but not in the Sucker Punch 'sexy dance dream' way, instead you see the audience itself as a role, propelling the story forward along with the actors. But what Rubber also seems to suggest is that our part as 'the audience' ceases to matter when the film ends, where as the film can, and will,  happily continue without us. It's pretty dark and funny in places. The overall message: a world without reason could lead to an uprising of abandoned tires who know no mercy.

In other news, Sunday was mother's day so I baked some cakes and had a lovely day with the famille.

Beard update: it's making a comeback - joy.

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