Monday, 11 April 2011

Sporting Alternative

After a relatively civilised Saturday, I prepared my vocal chords, psyched up my competitive side and donned my beer helmet (sadly not literally) and headed for the Excel Centre for the Sunday half of Anarchy in the UK - the international roller derby bouts. Teams in attendance: London's Brawling (London), Steel Hurtin' (Pittsburgh USA), Charm City (Baltimore USA) and New Skids on the Block (Montreal, Canada).

The games were fast and high scoring. The teams from across the atlantic were phenomenal, particularly Clitty Clitty Bang Bang when jamming for Charm City - no one could keep her back. Our own London Brawling gave them a tough time - awesome performances from jammers Vagablonde, Kamikaze Kitten and Fox Sake - and a massive whoop of praise for the Blockers who did a superb job at keeping the opposition from scoring and the game together. Since I've been coming to roller derby for a year now I felt it was high time to invest in some merchandise so I got a t-shirt (obv).

Elsewhere I enjoyed a spot of Jurassic Golf. We weren't exactly fighting off T-Rex and pals whilst playing a few holes but it was amusing all the same. I lost and I blamed the disney music (where was the Jurassic Park Soundtrack?) - clever girl.

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