Friday, 15 July 2011

"Great Scott" - I met the legend

For the third year running, I spent a day being suitably geeky at the London Film & Comic Convention held at Earls Court. Although this year was not as busy or packed full of stuff compared to previous years it was, of course, an awesome day, starting with the queue to get in. There we were minding our own business when some storm troopers decided to come over and pick on Mitch (he had possibly made fun of the lead one's height - he was shorter that me). After emptying his pockets he ordered Mitch to get on his knees to which Mitch replied 'I hope you're not going to ask me to shine your helmet'. A little more taunting and a gentle slap in the face later the gang moved on. I think Mitch learned his lesson.
Once inside there were stalls to look at, comics to peruse, other enthusiasts to chat to, Q&As to attend and of course celebs to meet. Like the last two years there is always one thing in particular that drives me to attend LFCC and this year was most definitely Christopher Lloyd and all the Back to the Future goodness that came with it. Firstly we went to the Q&A session which also involved Lea Thompson. Next we sat in the Delorean (amazing!). And then we met the Doc himself. Brief though it was, all I managed was 'hello!' and 'it was great to meet you! Thank you', it was supremely cool. He's not just the Doc, he was Uncle Fester Adams, the voice of Rasputin and Judge Doom (obv. there are so many more).
On a side note - impressive facial hair from the guys (I'm letting the team down in this one).

I just wanted to mention this: The Star Wars Holiday Special. I only found out about it this year. I am appalled and amused, particularly as there were so many copies of it available at the convention, and I thought Lucas had destroyed them all...

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