Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Messages tied to the Apple Tree

Wedding number 4.
Technically the wedding ceremony actually took place in one of Norwich's Cathedrals (the city has two - cue wedding guest confusion, arguing couples and mad dashes across Norwich to find the other Cathedral, thankfully we didn't make that mistake).

This was the marriage between my cousin and her long-term boyfriend (who she has two gorgeous kids with) and what an awesome day it was too. After a rather brief ceremony (yay) we made our way to Great Melton just outside Norwich where, in a little wooded area, we all gathered for the reception. The setting was picturesque - a clearing amongst the trees (save for the apple tree in the centre) where tents had been put up with toadstools, bales of hay and sofas inside them. We were greeted with a glass of pear cider (or pink lemonade) and a little label to tie around our glass. The label served two purposes: 1) Something to write our name on - the glass was yours for the remainder of the day. 2) At the end we could write a message on it to the happy couple (wishing them happiness etc - mine was a drunken scrawl of genuine sentiment and inebriated babble, we left late) which we could then tie to the apple tree. Beautiful idea.

The catering was just as cute, an afternoon tea with sandwiches and cupcakes, ensuring we didn't starve whilst waiting for a pretty substantial BBQ in the evening. But it wasn't just the setting or the labels or even the food (we were offered a variety of cake) that made the day, it was all the extras...

Archery. I guess some people might need convincing that archery belongs at a wedding - not me. As soon as it was announced my sister and I were off to try it out. Verdict: It's awesome, especially in the woods with the wind in the trees, I felt like Maid Marion.

The Folk Band. A DJ would have been completely out of place amongst the greenery but the band were perfect. We all danced for a good few hours to folky versions of old school tunes and they even took requests.

Lanterns. I am a totally sucker for these. They look so beautiful; little blobs of light in a clear night sky. This was the last surprise of the evening and after we watched all the lanterns (apart one that got stuck in a tree and caught light) disappear into the distance we made our way back to the hotel.

The next day I felt super rough (apparently I'd drunk more wine than previously thought) thus rendering me grumpy, exhausted and useless. We made a couple of stops along the way, a visit to my grandparents' and a model and toy expo - the latter being entirely my dad's persuasion, and what with the traffic in s.w London, I arrived in Surbiton late. By which point I was even more exhausted and utterly useless, two characteristics entirely unsuitable for the Rollerderby Championship Final and so I missed it. However I can happily say that the Steam Rollers won! V.good news!

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