Wednesday, 10 October 2012

good distractions

A few things which have delightfully distracted me over that past few days...

The new and beautiful collection from vanilla & lace - these three are my favourites, the patterns on the those two tunic type dresses are amazing and I'm liking the unusual sleeve lengths. (actually the other items in Abi's shop are also pretty cool)

A ghost-town in Svalbard might not be everyone's idea of the perfect gig venue but to me this sounds like a rather awesome place to see, as long as the polar bears stayed away (unless of course one of them was Iorek Byrnison from Northern Lights in which case I'd suggest we become friends). Also, extra coolness as the interview was carried out by my v.talented travel writer chum.

An excellent article about literary New York via Kirsty Helen. I'm heading out there in just over 11 weeks (so I might be counting...) and this just added to my (already astronomical) excitement.

Wool! Arranged in colourful, eye-pleasing displays! It's given me hope for my own knitting adventures which were abandoned in the summer/september due to the warm weather. But now it's colder and I've picked up the needles again with one resolution: finish my scarf.

image source one, two

And these are distracting things which I am v.much looking forward to: getting issue 12 of Oh Comely (bi-monthly treat), a weekend trip to see my friend in Leigh-on-Sea in a couple of weeks and this year's Knitting & Stitching Show which starts tomorrow!


  1. the literary new york article makes me wish i was a tenenbaum. (even worse than usual) xx

  2. oooh I love those vanilla and lace dresses. sad to look at the ol' bank balance :( x


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