Monday, 29 October 2012

pin stuff, do stuff: pumpkin cake

I've seen quite a lot of other bloggers do this and I think it's a very good idea. As I'm sure you all know and appreciate, Pinterest is a great procrastination site where loads and loads of awesome recipes and DIYs get pinned to boards with the intention "I must do/make that one day". But, if you're anything like me, these great ideas never seem to make it off pinterest. So this is me starting my version of Pin and Do!

I've got two boards which are reserved for future makes and experiments:
1. food and drink recipes and 2. arty/crafty DIYs

This year I've been pretty much ignoring halloween, except for buying a pumpkin, and I guess they're not really halloween specific anyway. Using just over a quarter of the pumpkin (and some other ingredients) I made a rather autumnal and tasty cake. 

I pinned this image from this site and pretty much followed the recipe to the letter except: using mixed nuts rather than just pecans and a larger sized tin as I didn't have the size the recipe required (it meant that my cake had to bake for an extra 30 mins at a cooler temp) but the results were excellent. I did manage to completely screw-up the icing (not entirely sure how that happened as I've made icing a million times before) but the cake tastes just as good without it :)

Have you been making anything recently as a result of extensive pinterest browsing? 

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