Thursday, 1 November 2012

time out part two

For the past two weeks I've been enjoying a stay-at-home holiday, here's part two of that!
I think I left off with the news that I was going to the theatre, and that's exactly what we did. Through Timeout (they have some seriously good offers on there) we managed to get to tickets to see One Man Two Guvnors at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Set in the 60s it follows the exploits of one man and all the amusing mishaps that arise when he starts working for two different guvnors. It took me about 5 minutes to get into it (and used to everyone's OTT cockney accents) after which I laughed A LOT, almost continuously. The play has a great script as well as perfectly timed/acted slapstick comedy and even a bit of audience participation (something I've not seen other than in panto). One of the best things about it was the music - between each change of scene a band (and some members of the cast) came out and sang a song. The actors were brilliant especially the main guy - can't recommend this play enough, it's a proper good laugh.

Mitch and I also went to see a couple of films at our beloved Ritzy, first off, Ruby Sparks. Lonely young author Paul Dano is suffering from writer's block when his shrink suggests he writes about his perfect girl. He does, and as a result quite literally brings her to life! Things are pretty peachy for a while, and to be honest I did wonder where the film was going to go at this point, but then something goes wrong (or rather doesn't go to Dano's plan) and it all gets a little bit dark when Dano realises he can make Ruby do anything he wants just by writing it. I won't say anymore about the plot but what I will say is that the concept is clever and the characters are great. Go see, go see!

We also watched Skyfall. My first experience of Bond in the cinema and only the third Bond film I've seen all the way through (the others being License to Kill - 80s Bond, Timothy Dalton in Jamaica with sharks and stuff -  and Golden Eye where Sean Bean is the bad guy, yeah). I'm not a Bond enthusiast nor a Bond hater, I'm fairly indifferent about him. I've seen clips from some of the other movies and he just comes across as a bit hammy/cheesy. However, the amount of hype surrounding this film was too big to ignore. So what did I think? It was entertaining, Daniel Craig looked good, Ben Wishaw made an appearance (never a bad thing), I spotted a couple of references to other films (star wars 6 and home alone - if you've seen it do you which bits I mean?), part of it looked like it was filmed on that abandoned island off the coast of Japan (which sparked a lot of interesting conversation after) and Javier Bardem made a good baddie. Saying all that, my favourite bit was the opening scene and the opening credits. I guess die-hard Bond fans will love all of it.

As well as mooching about in Brixton and enjoying leisurely brunches, we met up with friends, went jogging in the park and took a trip to Ikea to buy some frames - after a year of living in the flat I think we're finally ready to put up some pictures. I also took a trip to The Cloth Shop on Berwick Street to get some materials for new projects. And speaking of projects - I made this little elephant AND I've v.nearly finished my first-ever scarf! It just needs 12 more rows, a tidying of the loose ends and some tassels!

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