Friday, 14 December 2012

experiments in dressmaking #take 3

A couple of weeks ago an excellent tweet appeared in my news feed - How to make an easy elastic-waist skirt - with a link to this tutorial. And I thought, why not! Ina from Sky Turtle posts up quite a lot of tutorials to make both clothes and other bits and bobs but I'd never had a go at one until now... here's the result.

I'm pretty happy with it, although next time I might try and use a thicker bit of elastic. Ina's instructions are easy to follow and there are diagrams to help.

I got the fabric in the summer when the V&A were having a sale (they have some amazing reproductions in their shop) and I hadn't got around to using a leftover half metre piece. Turned out it was perfect for this skirt! Here's yours truly modelling it :) I do apologise for the mirror shot. Look at the concentration on my face, ha!

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