Wednesday, 5 December 2012

skandium wish list

Over the weekend Mitch and I wandered into Knightsbridge and saw, along with what seemed like thousands of other people, Harrods all lit up in it's festive get up. This year it's window displays feature (most of) Disney's Princesses. As Knightsbridge was a bit of a nightmare (knightmarebridge?) we decided to keep walking and head for South Ken station. On the way we happened upon Skandium and after gawping through their shop window for a while we decided to go inside. 

Oh my good god, it housed so many beautifully designed things! Perhaps it's wrong to say but Skandium is kinda like the rich man's ikea. Don't get me wrong, I love ikea, but this shop has the prettiest, and most expensive, furniture and home accessories I've ever seen! Annoyingly our favourite things in the Brompton shop aren't on the website but I've found a few other bits and pieces which I'm now also coveting. 
Danish design sofa (love), this beautifully bright mari bowl seems to crying out to be filled with icecream... I v.much want a duvet cover in this ginko fabric print.

What with the scandinavian connection there's plenty of moomin stuff in stock (always a good thing). They have a massive selection of v.pretty decorative glass birds, this little guy is an Ibis. I do have a thing about chairs particularly wonderfully designed scandinavian seating, this one is lush. Colourful, retro design, cushion - what's not to like?
There are some excellent lamps at Skandium and this one is probably the most affordable AND it comes in different colours! This is actually a fabric print, birdy curtains anyone? Practical and fun storage? Check! This hot-air balloon mobile is indeed.


  1. mad crushing over that lamp, such a great color! :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the light.. a great pop of color.


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