Thursday, 30 May 2013

super sunny weekend

Stupidly I got rather burnt last weekend - we hadn't seen the sun in so long I'd clearly forgotten what sunscreen was! As you can imagine I spent nearly the entire bank holiday weekend outside. Not only did I witness Mitch complete his 10k run, I also dropped in on vauxhall farm, enjoyed a stroll along the southbank and scoffed much tea and cake. Naturally.

On the left there we have Jerry the alpaca - he was v.friendly - and on the right, one of the 4 month old orphaned lambs taken in at Vauxhall farm. They've had a bit of a re-vamp at the farm since I was last there and now you can pay 20p for a handful of food to feed the animals. Needless to say, I was in my element.
More lambs, a very pretty duck and the bunnies snoozing in the sun.

These two little fellas were the farm's newest arrivals - only 2 weeks old! There were also 4 baby goats which I failed to get a snap of (probably because I spent most of my time feeding them).  You'll just have to take my word for it: they were v.cute indeed!

After an hour at the farm my friend and I walked from Vauxhall along the southbank in search of an icecream. I took this pic because London always surprises me with how beautiful it can look, especially by the river.

After the walk we headed back to Brixton and I made curry and he made jargaritas. Essentially a margarita in a jar but without the hassle of a blender because you just shake it up in the jar - genius! They were a-mazing.

Sunday was very much a family day what with my auntie and uncle in London for a  visit. My nan treated us to a lovely lunch before we all spent the afternoon and evening in my parents' garden - it looked so summery.

Ice tea and cake were the perfect accompaniments to the weather and this picturesque setting. My sister made pink lemonade cake which was so gooood. Must ask her for the recipe. Hope you all enjoyed the super sunny weather too!

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