Thursday, 9 May 2013

bank holiday weekend bits + pieces

I do love a long weekend :)

On saturday Mitch and I found ourselves in Little Venice, initially to meet a friend, but in actuality, amongst hundreds of narrow boats which had gathered for the annual Canalway Cavalcade. As a Londoner I am ashamed to say I'd never even heard of this festival and sadly we arrived a little late for all the food stalls and merriment. However, we did arrive in time to step onboard one of the boats! It turns out our friend's parents were taking part in the festival having sailed boated cruised come down via the canals from somewhere in the north of england (a journey that took no less than 18 days!). They v.kindly invited us to join them for some tea and cake on their narrow boat - Uplander II (cool name, no?). I am definitely going to keep an eye out for the Cavalcade next year and you should too if you're in town.

On sunday Brockwell Lido played host to the Modern Movement Design Fair. Stalls and dealers set-up their wares around the pool. There was SO MUCH nice stuff - beautiful scandinavian furniture, awesome 60s/70s lamps, some gorgeous 50s looking fabric. Almost all of it completely unaffordable for the likes of me but it was fun to mooch about. After a bit of convincing haggling, I ended up coming away with a vintage tablecloth (which I intend to use as a picnic blanket) and my friend bought this super cute french book about Romeo the dog. Tres bon!

Sunday evening saw, what can only be described as, a dinner of epic proportions. First off my friend Alex made a gigantic pizza (sadly there are no images due to the fact that we basically inhaled it - it tasted amazing)! Followed by the most delicious blueberry pie ever (lucky I did pause to take a pic but it really doesn't do it justice). I've asked Alex for the recipes for both these dishes as I need the pizza and pie in my life at regular intervals.

Thanks to the dinner from heaven on sunday (which we didn't actually finish eating until about 1:30am - yeah I told you it was epic), Mitch and I did a lot of walking on monday. We headed over to Brixton Windmill and managed to catch a little tour of the building. I won't bore you with tonnes of information but I will tell you this: It is seriously old - built in 1816, the mill is older than most of the surrounding area, including all the houses, the factory site and the prison. And it's holding up pretty well thanks to a lottery funded restoration and the work of volunteers. After a look inside the windmill we walked to Clapham for a stroll around the common and a sit down amongst the daisies. A chilled out evening was topped off by the latest episode of game of thrones.

Also over the weekend I got on with some crochet - my nan recently gave me a bag of wool she doesn't need so I'm making good use of it - and spent some quality time with moriarty. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!

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  1. Those narrowboats look amazing! I have never heard of this festival either - but it sounds like one to remember for next time!


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